PariMatch is one of the largest betting holdings. The company has more than 2,000 employees worldwide, serving approximately two million customers and covering more than 20 sports in 60 countries, 200 leagues, and 600 sporting events every day.


Why do I need verification of PariMatch?

On the site, PariMatch verification is a mandatory procedure aimed at confirming the identity of the owner of the account. It allows you to prevent third parties from accessing someone else’s profile. Employees of the bookmaker’s office check the details of the payment account, which is used by the bettor, and the identity of the player.

If it turns out that the profile owner and the owner of the payment account are different people, it will not be possible to withdraw funds.

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Verification process

Verification in PariMatch is required for each player who has created a profile in the bookmaker’s office for real betting. There is a special form in the account, where you need to upload scans of your documents. It is also recommended to enter the information in the form to minimize the risk of error.

To pass the verification procedure, the bettor can use a photo or scan of any of the following documents:

  • general civil passport;
  • international passport;
  • driving license.

The documents must be valid and in good standing with official state authorities. Xerox copies must be made from the originals, not from other copies.

The identification process begins with registration. In the registration form on the PariMatch website, you have to enter your name, date of birth, phone number, and e-mail address. It is important to enter authentic data for the verification to be successful.


Tips on verification

If a person is a minor, he has no right to gamble and bet according to the legal framework. Consequently, a minor user will not be able to undergo verification.

Re-verification in PariMatch is not required. You must register your profile in the multiplexing system once, after which you will be able to link it to accounts on sites of legally operating bookmakers.

After verification in PariMatch you will get access to all the site’s features:

  1. Betting on sporting events. Having verified your profile at the bookmaker’s office you will be able to bet on different sports matches.
  2. Betting on cybersports. Cybersports have become popular not so long ago compared to regular sports, but PariMatch allows bettors to bet on them.
  3. Promotional offers. You can get gifts for creating an account, top-ups, bonus codes.
  4. Mobile application. Using the program PariMatch, the bettor can bet money through the phone. It has no functional limitations compared to the official site.

The main purpose of verification is to ensure compliance with current legislation. This procedure helps to avoid situations in which minor registers at a bookmaker’s office and begins to bet with real money. Also, thanks to verification, the money on the balance of bettors is protected from fraudsters. If the authorization data of the user fall into the hands of criminals, they will not be able to withdraw all the bettor’s money from the account, as they do not pass the verification.

When verifying an account, it is required to specify accurate information. Otherwise, it will not be possible to pass the procedure. Photos of documents uploaded to the account must be of good quality, otherwise, the employees of the bookmaker’s office will not be able to see the necessary information on them.

A notification that the account is verified will appear in the bettor’s account (“Verified” will be displayed under the upload form). Sometimes it is required to upload additional documents if the PariMatch administration of the bookmaker’s office needs additional information about the player.

It is impossible to avoid verification. If a profile is not verified, there is no point in playing for real money, as it will not be possible to withdraw winnings from the account.

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How long does it take to verify?

The duration of identification in PariMatch depends on which method the bettor uses:

  • If the bettor identifies through a video call, the verification period depends on how busy the employees of the TSUPIS and the bookmaker are. Verification by video call lasts 4-5 minutes.
  • If the user verifies the account in the standard way (through the profile on the bookmaker’s website), the verification procedure takes from a few minutes to an hour.
  • If the bettor has registered on the public services website, he does not need to do anything at all. It is enough to wait until the bookmaker’s office receives information from the ESIA, 2-3 hours.


What to do if there are no necessary documents?

Without an identity document, you will not be able to be identified. Users who are of legal age and do not plan to cheat usually have any problems with providing a passport photo. Playing for real money without documents is possible only in illegal bookmaker offices, but then no one guarantees that the winnings can be withdrawn from the account.