Tennis betting

Even a thorough pre-match analytics is not a guarantee of an accurate prediction, so many people prefer to do live tennis bets instead of preliminary ones. This is an opportunity to observe the progress of the match, assess the strength of opponents, and only after that bet on a certain outcome. The basic rule of how to bet on live tennis is to react quickly to a changing situation.


There are also certain live tennis betting tactics. On the live line, bets are often made on games (on the winner of a particular game). This strategy is suitable for those who know how to assess the quality of the game, serving and receiving opponents. Another tip on how to bet on tennis in live betting: it is important to take into account the psychological aspect. A technically stronger player can lose a set and even a match by making a mistake on the first serve, and it is almost impossible to foresee this in advance.

Where to place tennis bets?

When choosing a bookmaker for tennis betting, you need to pay attention, first of all, to two factors: the reliability of the bookmaker and the prospects for tennis.

Bookmaker reliability

The operator must have a good reputation, be honest, offer convenient payment methods, calculate rates quickly and pay out winnings. That is, all the general points, which can also include bonuses and professionalism of the support service.

Potential for tennis

But in addition to the points listed above, you should separately study the conditions for betting on tennis. Is the margin high? Does the bookie have a good line? Lots of tournaments? Is everything all right with the painting? Are there any bet types you need?

When the bookmaker meets all the requirements of these two points, then it is worth registering and playing with it. The choice of a bookmaker is not an easy matter, but a real one. You can choose Parimatch – this is a great bookmaker.


Tennis betting strategies

Even / odd number of games. Here all the games of the game are summed up and the outcome is determined from what result is obtained – even or not. These are equally likely values. And the analysis is unlikely to provide useful information about what to expect. For novice players, experienced forecasters advise this strategy for learning to catch up.

  • Betting strategies for tennis breaks. Many experts consider the market of breaks in tennis to be the most profitable for the use of dogon. Often the odds for a break, even for the favorite, are higher than 2, which makes it possible to productively increase the amount of bets in case of a loss. There are special formulas for their correct calculation. There are many free online dogon series calculators online. It is better to choose matches with approximately equal rivals in singles, playing in mixed matches is not encouraged. The most interesting is women’s tennis due to its unpredictability, because breaks in it are a common occurrence.
  • Strategy “40:40” in Live. Each game is a game of up to four won rallies, unless both have won three at the same time. It just so happened historically that points are counted in increments: 15-30-40. When the score is 40:40, to win a game, you need to win two draws in a row. There are often more / less suggestions online. The odds vary depending on the difference in the class of tennis players. But they are rarely less than 2.5, which means that it makes sense to play both according to the catch-up system and with typical single bets.
  • A bet on the favorite who lost in the first set. Leading tennis players are famous for their stable psyche and focus on results. Failure in a single set does not mean anything in serious competitions, especially Grand Slam, when the game is played to victories in 3 sets. Leaders are more likely to get together and put upstarts in their place. Therefore, with a coefficient of 1.3 per leader before the match, after his defeat in the first set, analysts approve bets on an overall victory of 1.6. It also makes sense to take the total less, because the results, say, 6: 7, 6: 0, 6: 0 are not uncommon.
  • Strategies against the favorite in tennis. Awareness and positive application of this section of gambling science is an indicator of aerobatics. The secret of luck is that the player must carefully study statistical calculations and tactical schemes in order to consistently catch high odds.

Should you trust tennis predictions?

Trust, but verify, as they say. There are a lot of “experts” on the World Wide Web today. But, unfortunately, 90% are not true. They are the same analysts as the ballerina Roger Federer. With experience, you will learn to distinguish professionals in their field from ordinary players who think of themselves as experts. A good forecaster always pays attention to details and gives reasons for his choice of bet by pointing out the facts.

The main thing is to never do tennis betting without analysis. If it seems to you that everything is obvious in this game, most likely the opposite is true. Thoroughly analyze all aspects of the upcoming tennis meeting, search the net for information and read the opinions of professional analysts.


Remember that each category – women’s, men’s and doubles tennis – has its own subtleties. Exactly the same as the type of coverage makes its own adjustments to the game. A tennis player who performs well on the ground can fail miserably on the grass. And many more details.

Now that you know everything, go to betting Parimatch and start winning.