Live betting at Parimatch

Live Sports Betting

Before you plunge into the world of betting, you need to know some nuances that will help you save your money. Parimatch bookmaker has an extensive live betting line, so consider the live betting Parimatch guide to navigate the application.

A large number of players prefer to bet on the betting site Parimatch live. Naturally, this section is very popular and requires a separate review. So, at the bookmaker’s office Parimatch you can start betting live right on the main page of the official website. This is very convenient for those who value their time and do not want to look for this section.

In general, BC Parimatch has one of the widest lines in live mode. Here you will find not only the standard bets on soccer, hockey, basketball and tennis, but you can also bet on cybersport, UFC, table tennis and more.

Parimatch Live section

To make life easier for its customers, the bookmaker’s office Parimatch has created a special section – Pari Live. Go to it from the main page of the site.

If we talk about the functionality of the section, there are a lot of handy tricks for the players here. For example, you can select the events you are interested in using the filter and add them to your “Favorites”.

Also, for the convenience of tracking the odds, you can change their color. If the odds went up, it will be highlighted in green, and if vice versa, it will be highlighted in red.

Another big plus for the players is video broadcasts. Bookmaker’s office Parimatch tries to organize broadcasts for each event. It is very easy to find out if there is a broadcast of the match you need. Opposite the name of the teams will be a play button, by clicking on it you can watch the match online.

You do not need to worry about the maximum bet you can make on the selected event. You can add the outcome you are interested in to the basket, and already in the coupon will be displayed all the information about the maximum bet in Paramatch.


What to bet on in live?

There are a lot of live events in the Parimatch bookmaker office. Sometimes the number of sports, on which the bets are accepted reaches 15-20.

Naturally, the most extensive lines have soccer, basketball, hockey and tennis. However, cyber sports are rapidly approaching to these sports. In all of these sports you can bet not only on the outcome, but also on the exact score, try handicaps and more. We can talk about it for a long time, but it is better to explore the possibilities yourself, because every player chooses for himself what he likes to bet on.

Betting with PariMatch

Live odds in Parimatch

Experienced players know that in online betting you can catch very good odds. The fact is that many different events can happen in the course of the match, due to which the odds will change throughout the game. If in the pre-match the odds movement is very slow, then in live the count goes by seconds. You constantly have to watch how the odds are going up or down. Some players make money on this.

You can’t forget about the margin. Margin on live bets is about 5%. However, if we are talking about not the most popular sports (water polo, field hockey, badminton), then here the margin can reach 8-12%.

Successful Live Betting Strategies

In order to start betting in Parimatch Live and make money from it, it is important to follow sporting events as a successful bettor is an informed bettor. There are basic live betting Parimatch strategy:

you should only make predictions on sports that you are knowledgeable in;

It is recommended to ignore the overpriced odds;

Do not give in to emotions.

It is important to understand that sports betting largely depends not only on the analytical abilities of the user, but also on luck, chance. So do not get too upset if a prediction fails, because it’s just a game.


How to make a bet in live betting?

What are live betting Parimatch tips? Before you make a live sports bet, you should know that your bet is not taken instantly. It takes no more than 10 seconds to process your bet if the odds have not changed in the meantime. If the odds have changed, you will be offered to make a new bet, but with the new odds.

But the bookmaker also thought of how to avoid such inconveniences. You can use the “Quick bet” function, where you will be offered to “Accept changes in odds”. Thus, you set a constant amount that will be bet by you when you use the “Quick bet”. Enabling it is very easy. Just activate it on the main page of the site and set the bet amount. Of course, you must be logged in to the BC Parimatch before that.

As the user interface on the web resource of the BK is very convenient and simple, even inexperienced bettors can easily place a bet in the line of live betting Parimatch app. To do this, simply visit the company’s website or download the app, log in and go to the appropriate section, then select the appropriate sport and a particular match.

After selecting the outcomes, the website will automatically generate a slip, which you will have to confirm. In the next step, the amount of betting is placed in the coupon. Then, the bookmaker will count the bet, after which the player will have to follow the match online and make the necessary decisions to win.

Parimatch Live Betting

Signing up with a bonus

As a rule, most users place live bets in Paris Match on tennis, soccer, hockey, basketball and volleyball matches:

Soccer bets are usually made on the total of goals scored or conceded. This allows you to earn money if a goal is scored in the last minutes of the match or in a situation where the original favorite misses the ball at the beginning of the match.

Since basketball and volleyball are both fast-paced sports, staying focused and keeping a close eye on the action is crucial to catching the right moment. It is important to catch that delicate moment when one of the teams will start to turn the tide.

Unlike many sports on the live line, tennis is an individual sport. Therefore, the results of tennis matches depend directly on the current form of athletes, their mood, and injuries.

Advantages of betting in live mode

Is it a mystery to you why many players choose to do live betting Parimatch Vietnam? Here are the arguments that will clarify the position of most players.

Big odds

In live betting you can catch big odds. They are constantly changing as the match progresses. If you follow the game, you can anticipate the bookie’s actions and catch juicy odds that will bring you a nice win.

Minimum Bet

In live betting, you can place a minimum bet of $1. This attracts players because you can place a bet and watch the video broadcast right away.

Fast winnings

It’s no secret that many players rely on quick winnings in live betting. Here you can make several bets on different events at once and get quick results of matches. You won’t have to wait until the evening to find out if the bet has played or not. All in real time, which is basically what appeals to bettors.


A wide selection of bets

This applies not only to the line, but also the choice of sports. Parimatch Live betting has a very diverse selection of sports, so everyone will find a sport to his liking.

All these factors combined make the live section very popular among the players. The more so that it is very convenient to play on the site live betting Parimatch. So if you’ve decided to try your hand at live betting, you know where to start.

Now that you’ve read the live betting Parimatch review, you can start betting.